Nakivo 7.3 with deduplication support


NAKIVO has just released version 7.3 of their NAKIVO Backup and Replication with a rather large improvement. NAKIVO 7.3 adds support for hardware deduplication appliances such as the EMC Data Domain, HP StoreOnce, NEC Hydrastor, and Quantum DXi.

The benefit is that you wouldn’t be using the software based deduplication build into NAKIVO but instead using the dedicated deduplication engine on the hardware appliance.

This not only off loads the work from the NAKVIO backup appliance which as a result typically means much faster backup speeds. In addition using the hardware based deduplication can also mean much better dedup results, thus saving more space!

Nakivo 7.3 also adds a native package for Western Digitial NAS My Cloud PR2100 and PR4100. The new package enables deploying NAKIVO Backup & Replication directly on the NAS!

Nakivo 7.3 Improvements

  • VMware VDDK v6.5.2 has been included
  • Windows Dynamic disks are now supported for file recovery and SQL object recovery.
  • SQL object level recovery is now available for Microsoft SQL Server 2008
  • SQL object level recovery is now available for x86 SQL instances
  • Interaction with Hyper-V is done via SMBv2 instead of less secure SMBv1
  • It is possible to set number of backups and folder path used for product database backups
  • New API methods are introduced
  • Job Dashboard speed has been improved
  • VM recovery job allows not to connect recovered VM to a network

Nakivo 7.3 Fixed Issues

  • Multiple SQL object level recovery and log truncation issues were fixed.
  • It was impossible to remove Hyper-V host from Inventory in some configurations

NAKIVO offers an installer for Windows and Linux. As well as offers an OVA appliance and NAS appliance to run on a QNAP or Synology NAS. They also offer a free trial here.

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