NAKIVO announces version 6.2 Beta

Today NAKIVO announced their latest version, NAKIVO v6.2, which is currently in Beta at the moment but looks to offer a number of new exciting features. Such as more integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) as well as improved notifications and alarms.

What’s new in NAKIVO v6.2 Beta

  • Support for AWS EC2 instances sold through AWS Marketplace: NAKIVO Backup & Replication v6.2 Beta now provides a simple, reliable, and affordable way to back up paid AWS EC2 instances, sold through AWS Marketplace.
  • Automated Transporter deployment in AWS Cloud: In order to back up EC2 instances in an AWS region, a Transporter should be deployed in that region. During backup job creation, v6.2 Beta will now suggest and automatically deploy a new Transporter, if it’s not available in a particular region.
  • Automated Transporter Instance start and shutdown in AWS: To save costs, Transporter instances in AWS can be automatically powered off if there no tasks for them. Once a task is available for a particular AWS Transporter, v6.2 Beta will power it on for the duration of the task.
  • Improved display of alarms and notifications: Job and group dashboards now aggregate alarms and notifications in the Info widget for a cleaner and a more consistent look.

Looks like NAKIVO v6.2 is shaping up to be a good looking release. If you haven’t already, be sure to read my initial thoughts review of NAKIVO.