NAKIVO releases Backup & Replication v6.2

nakivo v6.2 released

Just last month I mentioned NAKIVO 6.2 was released as beta, well now version 6.2 is officially being released! The biggest feature being most notably the addition of Amazon AWS EC2 support which allows for paid AWS EC2 instances which are sold through the AWS Marketplace.

What’s new in NAKIVO v6.2 Beta

  • Support for AWS EC2 instances sold through AWS Marketplace: NAKIVO Backup & Replication v6.2 Beta now provides a simple, reliable, and affordable way to back up paid AWS EC2 instances, sold through AWS Marketplace.
  • Automated Transporter deployment in AWS Cloud: In order to back up EC2 instances in an AWS region, a Transporter should be deployed in that region. During backup job creation, v6.2 Beta will now suggest and automatically deploy a new Transporter, if it’s not available in a particular region.
  • Automated Transporter Instance start and shutdown in AWS: To save costs, Transporter instances in AWS can be automatically powered off if there no tasks for them. Once a task is available for a particular AWS Transporter, v6.2 Beta will power it on for the duration of the task.
  • Improved display of alarms and notifications: Job and group dashboards now aggregate alarms and notifications in the Info widget for a cleaner and a more consistent look.

Check out the NAKIVO 6.2 press release here, or get a FREE Not for Resale license from NAKIVO v6.2 here.