Virtual Machine Maximums

vCPU’s per VM128128646432
RAM per VM6 TB4 TB1 TB1 TB1 TB
Virtual SCSI adapters per VM44444
Virtual disk size62 TB62 TB62 TB2 TB2 TB
Virtual NICs per VM1010101010
USB devices connect to a VM2020202020
Video Memory per VM2 GB512 MB512 MB512 MB128 MB

VMware Host Maximums

pCPU’s per Host576480320160160
NUMA Nodes per Host16161688
VM’s per Host10241024512512512
vCPU’s per Host40962048409620482048
FT Virtual Disk1616161616
FT vCPU’s per VM44111
RAM per FT VM64 GB64 GB64 GB64 GB64 GB
FT VM’s per Host44444
RAM per Host12 TB6 TB4 TB2 TB2 TB

VMware vCenter Server Maximums

Hosts per vCenter Server20001000100010001000
Powered on VM’s per vCenter2500010000100001000010000
Registered VM’s per vCenter3500015000150001500015000
Linked vCenter Servers1010101010
Hosts in linked vCenter Servers40004000300030003000
Concurrent vSphere Web Client connections180180
Number of Hosts per Datacenter200500500500500
vCSA Hosts200010001005
vCSA VM’s3500015000300050

VMware Configuration Maximums PDFs

Below are direct links to VMware’s configuration maximums in PDF format for download or print.