How to Upgrade PowerShell 7 to latest version

Have you opened a Windows Terminal and seen a highlighted message stating “A new PowerShell stable release is available …“?

powershell 7 upgrade prompt

Well you could go to the link provided in the prompt, download the upgrade and then run it on your machine, or you can quickly and easily upgrade PowerShell 7 directly from the terminal by typing the following command.

Invoke-Expression "& { $(Invoke-Restmethod } -UseMSI"

This will automatically download and run the latest version of PowerShell 7 and run the installer for you. See quick and easy!

A Few Steps to Secure a WordPress Site

A Few Steps to Secure a WordPress Site

Use a Password Manager

The very first layer of security starts with your password.

You could have the most secure server and WordPress setup ever, but if your password is “qwerty” or some other equally awful password, then all that security is for nothing.

Good passwords need to be lengthy, randomized, and every site and service you use should have it’s own unique password. Do NOT re-use passwords. Ever.

I recommend using KeePass, KeePassXC or Bitwarden.

Then the only the password you need to remember is your master password. Which should be more of a phrase than just a single pass”word”. It should be something you can remember, long, and include upper/lower case, numbers, and special characters.

All other passwords should be generated by your password manager.

Cloudflare Firewall Rules

Cloudflare provides of a number of benefits that many people probably already use such as their Content Delivery Network (CDN), DDoS mitigation, Bot filtering, and caching. All of which is offered for free!

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How to add Security Headers to an AWS S3 static website

How to add Security Headers to an AWS S3 static website

I’ve created a couple posts in the past on how to create a static website using AWS S3 bucket and Cloudfront and using S3 with Cloudflare. Recently I’ve been getting more questions on how to add security response headers to an AWS S3 static website.

If you’re not familiar with security headers, basically security headers is another layer used to protect your websites. has a good article here is a good article on many of the popular security header types. You’ll also want to check out to easily check the security headers of your own site too.

With that, lets see how to add these security headers to your own static website.

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Fixing a Synology DS1515+ not powering on

A few days ago my old Synology DS1515+ that I gave a friend wouldn’t power up. Press the power button and not a single thing would happen, no fans or lights would come on – not even for a second.

I started looking around and found there to be three common issues with several of the DSxx15 units:

  1. Dead motherboard battery
  2. Intel Atom C2000 bug
  3. Dead B847B transistor

Good stuff right?! Well luckily it’s not nearly as bad as it might sound at first and all three are pretty easy to fix.

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Synology 10GbE Upgrade for the Home Lab

One big feature I was looking forward to taking advantage of when I replaced my old Synology DS1815+ with a new Synology DS1621+, was the PCIe expansion slot and support for 10GbE cards. I could now setup a 10GbE network between the NAS, the home lab Dell R720, and my main PC.

My goal was to create a small 10GbE network without spending a ton of money.

In order to achieve this goal I purchased the following items:

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Backup Synology NAS to Amazon Glacier

Recently I replaced my Synology DS1815+ with a new Synology DS1621+ NAS.

After migrating all the data from the old to new NAS and re-setting up Backblaze on the new Synology, I wanted to have a second backup of everything… just in case.

If you already have an AWS account and want to know how to backup your Synology NAS to Amazon Glacier then keep reading.

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How to upgrade vCenter Server Appliance 6.7 to 7.0

VMware vCenter 7.0 has been released for several months now and figured it was about time I upgraded my home lab to the latest version.

This post will detail all the steps needed to upgrade vCenter Server Appliance 6.7 to 7.0 without any issues.

Getting Started

Before beginning, I HIGHLY recommended you first check the VMware Interoperability Matrix before performing any upgrade to check compatibility of other VMware products.

Then go download the VCSA 7.0 ISO if you haven’t already and lets get started with the upgrade!

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How to Replace a Failed Hard Drive in a Synology NAS

Earlier this week I received a notification from my Synology NAS that a hard drive was failing. Right now in the middle of this COVID-19 pandemic, one thing I don’t need is my NAS down and the kids and wife unable to watch any shows or movies.

Luckily for me Synology has made drive replacement a breeze. Here is how to easily and very quickly replace a failed hard drive in your Synology NAS.

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VMware vSphere 7 announced

VMware vSphere 7

Some pretty big news coming out of VMware today. The announcement of VMware vSphere 7 to become available May 1, 2020! One of the biggest item coming out of this news so far is that vSphere 7 will come in two options.

The first being vSphere 7 as we all have known it to be for years and then the second being vSphere 7 with Kubernetes which will be available through VMware Cloud Foundation and is a new generation of vSphere for containerized applications.

Other notables is that the flash based vSphere client is FINALLY no more! From here on out, only the HTML 5 will exist. vCenter Server on Windows will also finally be put to rest and new deployments of vCenter server will be done using the tried and tested vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) based on PhotonOS linux.

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