Backup Synology NAS to Amazon Glacier

Recently I replaced my Synology DS1815+ with a new Synology DS1621+ NAS.

After migrating all the data from the old to new NAS and re-setting up Backblaze on the new Synology, I wanted to have a second backup of everything… just in case.

If you already have an AWS account and want to know how to backup your Synology NAS to Amazon Glacier then keep reading.

How to backup Synology NAS to AWS Glacier

  1. First log into your Synology NAS and install the Glacier Backup application from the Package Center, if you haven’t already and start the application.
    synology glacier package
  2. Then go to Backup in the left menu and then up to Actions > Create:
    synology glacier create backup
  3. At the Backup Wizard, click on Start.
    synology glacier create backup start wizard
  4. Now give your backup task a name and check the box to agree to the conditions that Amazon Glacier costs money and isn’t free. For the most current Amazon Glacier pricing check here.
    synology glacier create backup create backup task
  5. Next enter your AWS IAM access key and secret key as well as select which AWS Region you want your backups to be sent to.
    synology glacier create backup backup destination
  6. Select which Synology shared folders you want to backup to Amazon Glacier.
    synology glacier create backup select folders
  7. I enabled a backup schedule to perform the backup of my selected Synology folders every Thursday starting at 2AM. As well as to start the backup immediately after the Synology Glacier Backup wizard is finished.
    synology glacier create backup schedule
  8. Finally, review the Backup Wizard settings and click on Done.
    synology glacier confirm settings

You can monitor your Synology to Glacier backup job under the Backup Status column:
synology glacier complete

Now you can rest easy knowing your files are being backed up to AWS Glacier. If you want you can re-create the steps above to select a different AWS region for a more diverse backup locations.

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