VCP5 Exam: Passed


This morning I took the VCP510 exam and passed it on my first go at it!

Overall I felt the exam was a nice challenge, while I can’t go into details of the exam, per the NDA. I will say I was surprised at the number of multiple answer questions and the VPC510 was certainly more “real-world” based and not so much memorizing config maximums.

That said, I’ll do as others have done and list what I used in my preparation for the VCP510 exam…

The last two was probably by far the most helpful. As I mentioned earlier the exam is certainly more “real-world” based, which actually likely played a big part in me passing. I learn much better by DOING things, not by just reading it – I have to do it. Having an awesome co-worker/mentor, Chris Webb, I’ve been able to DO a lot of things in and around VMware which certainly cannot be underrated.

Also having a home lab certainly helped as well. This allowed me to play (aka break and fix) things that I normally wouldn’t be able to do in a work environment.

Hopefully some of these tips will come in use for you as they did me and good luck taking your VCP5 exam!

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