A windows 8 like Task Manager for Windows 7

Windows 8 on Windows 7 memory task manager

I’m not a fan of Windows 8 by no means but this isn’t about how bad I think Windows 8 is, but instead about a neat portable app I’ve came across over at NeoWin.net called DBCTaskman.

DBCTaskman obviously allows you to kill processes or applications as to be expected with any task manager but also allows for detailed views of Memory, Process, and Services running in Windows 7 and is also available in two versions, x86 or x64.

I’ve had the best luck so far running the x86 and x64 versions from the first post over at NeoWin.net.

The developer does have a newer version out but seems to be buggy as it won’t completely load and only goes as far as this screen shot below:

DBCTaskman bug

Your results may vary and you can download the latest version from Post #19 over at NeoWin.net.

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