VMware Workstation 12.5.5 released, fixes Pwn2Own exploits

VMware Workstation 12.5

VMware has just released Workstation 12.5.5 which includes bug fixes as well as fixes for several vulnerabilities found in this years Pwn2Own contest, which two hacking teams, 360 Security (@mj011sec) and Team Sniper was able to successfully complete a virtual machine escape.

While these are serious exploits, VMware has said they are not aware of any active exploitation of the vulnerabilities that has now been fixed in 12.5.5.

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VMware Workstation 12.5 and Fusion 8.5 Released

VMware Workstation 12.5

VMware announced VMware Workstation 12.5 and Fusion 8.5 during VMworld 2016 in Las Vegas. Well VMware Workstation 12.5 and Fusion 8.5 is now available for download!

Both Workstation 12.5 and Fusion 8.5 include a large number of fixes, security and performance improvements, but most noticibly both have added support for Windows 10 Anniversary Update as well as Server 2016 operating systems.

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VMware Workstation 12 Pro Released

VMware has just released a new version of Workstation in VMware Workstation 12 Pro. Workstation 12 Pro provides full support for Windows 10, including features such as Cortana and universal applications. As well as even larger virtual machines with up to 16 vCPU’s and 64GB of memory. Workstation 12 Pro even supports 4K displays and DirectX 10 and OpenGL 3.3

You can even seamlessly drag and drop virtual machines between your PC and your internal cloud running vSphere, ESXi or another instance of Workstation. In addition, easily connect to vCloud Air and upload, run, and view virtual machines right from the Workstation 12 Pro interface.

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How to install VMware Workstation 10 on Linux Mint 17.1

vmware workstation 10 linux mint

Two goals that I would like to achieve this year is to learn how to program (likely Python) as well as learn more about Linux. So last week I completely wiped my HP laptop that used to run Windows 7 Pro and installed Linux Mint 17.1. However, I had a nested ESXi lab within VMware Workstation when I was running Windows and wanted to do the same on my new Linux install.

I found this wasn’t just as simple as downloading an .exe and running the file, like it is in Windows. There are a few dependiences that are needed first, below is the steps I took to install VMware Workstation 10 on Linux Mint 17.1.

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VMware Workstation 11 released

VMware Workstation 11 Unmatched OS Support

At the start of October VMware announced Workstation 11, along with VMware Player 7 Pro and said both products would be available sometime in December. Well today is the day, VMware has now officially released VMware Workstation 11!

Workstation 11 adds support for the latest version of Windows and Linux, as well as the latest processors and hardware, and also adds the ability to connect to VMware vCloud Air.

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Installing Windows 10 on VMware Workstation 10

windows 10 on vmware workstation 10

VMware just announced VMware Workstation 11, which includes support for Windows 10 Tech Preview along with several other latest version operating systems, but you don’t have to wait until December when Workstation 11 is released. You can install Windows 10 on VMware Workstation 10 now!

Installation is simple and everything seems to function just fine, VMware tools installs too.

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