VMware VCP5-DCV Delta Re-certification Exam


Looking to renew your VCP before the March 10th 2015 expiration date? Then the new VMware VCP5-DCV Delta (Exam Code VCP550D) is a cheaper way to renew your VCP without taking the full on exam or not just ready to tackle the VCAP. The new exam covers new material between the vSphere 5.0/5.1 and vSphere 5.5 exams – looking the the blueprints, most noticeably VSAN.

While you still have to schedule the exam through Pearson VUE, you don’t have to take the course at a testing center and instead can take it online from any device!

If you’re interested in taking the recertification exam you have until November 30th, 2014 March 15, 2015 to pass the exam. And in case you’re wondering, the 25% VCP coupon code I posted earlier does NOT apply to this new exam. However the VMware VCP5-DCV Delta does cost less at $120.00.

To request authorization for the VMware VCP5-DCV Delta (VCP550D) exam click here.

UPDATE: The VCP550 Delta exam has been brought back and is now available to take until March 10, 2015!

UPDATE #2: The VCP550 Delta exam has again been extended, now available until May 8th, 2015!

UPDATE #3: The VCP550 Delta exam has again been extended, now available until March 31st, 2016! (link)

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  1. The Blueprint states all the same details as if you were taking the exam fresh.. are there are good resources to revise to just show the differences since that what the exam seems to be asking for (ie. different maximums, specs, features)

    1. Bob,

      Just skimming over the 5.1 DCV and the 5.5 DCV Delta blueprints these are the topics that I’m seeing added in the Delta blueprint that is NOT in the 5.1 DCV blueprint:

      Identify vCenter Server and vCenter Server database requirements Deploy the vCenter Appliance
      Upgrade a vSphere Distributed Switch
      Upgrade from VMFS3 to VMFS5
      Upgrade VMware Tools
      Upgrade Virtual Machine hardware
      Upgrade an ESXi Host using vCenter Update Manager
      Secure vCenter Server and ESXi (Objective 1.5)
      Configure and Administer Software Defined Storage (VSAN – Objective 3.3) Enable/Configure/Disable Host Power Management/Distributed Power Management Create/Delete vFlash Resource Pool
      Assign vFlash resources to VMDKs
      Install and Configure VMware Data Protection
      Create a backup job with VMware Date Protection
      Install, Configure and Administer vCenter Operations Manager (Objective 7.3)

      Could be a good starting point to start studying by.


      1. According to the requirements of have to have VCP510 in order to be able to write the delta exam. Does this really mean that a VCP500 can’t take the delta exam?

      2. I can’t say I recall a “VCP500” exam. Do you have any information on this exam?

        That said, so long as you took the VCP-510 (based on vSphere 5.0/5.1) or VCP-550 (based on vSphere 5.5) exam and passed, you should be eligible to take the VCP-550D delta exam.