How to upgrade Synology DS1815+ to 16GB RAM

Synology DS1815+ upgraded to 16GB

Just last week I replaced my Synology DS412+ to with a Synology DS1815+, which has twice the drive bays with the addition of supporting two expansion units, a much more powerful CPU, and 2GB RAM out of the box.

I’ve seen some people mention with very mixed results that both the Synology DS1515+ and Synology DS1815+ can be upgraded to 16GB of RAM, the biggest issue seems to be around what memory modules to use. So I figured I’d document how I upgraded my DS1815+ to 16GB RAM and what memory I used with success.

Items and Tools needed:

Upgrading RAM in DS1815+ to 16GB

  1. Remove all drive trays.
  2. Remove the 6 outer screws as shown below and slide off the case.
    synology remove screws
  3. You’ll notice right away the empty memory slot Synology provides, insert one of the 8GB memory sticks from the Crucial 16GB RAM Kit
    Synology DS1815+ empty ram slot
  4. Now look inside where the drive trays go. You’ll see the factory memory stick. Carefully reach in the hole and remove the factory memory stick.
    Synology DS1815+ stock memory
  5. I found it easier to turn the DS1815+ on it’s side, motherboard side down, to insert the final 8GB memory stick from the Crucial 16GB RAM Kit.
    Synology DS1815+ Crucial memory upgrade
  6. Finally place the case lid back on, power it up, and you’re good to go!
    DS1815+ upgraded to 16GB RAM

So far I’ve been running the Crucial 16GB RAM Kit (8GBx2) for a week now, even running Synology DSM 6.0 Beta 2 without any issues whatsoever.

While I haven’t tried this myself, several people have contacted me and has said the Kingston HyperX 16GB kit also works very well. The difference being the faster CAS timings on the HyperX (hence the price difference).

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