Synology DSM 5.1-5021 update released


Synology released DSM 5.1-5021 update as well as Cloud Station 3.1-3320 today. This update includes all the updates since 5.1-5004 as well as fixes for a number of vulnerabilities in PHP, OpenVPN, and other security improvements. DSM 5.1-5004 also improves Amazon S3 backup stability along with a number of other fixes and improvements.

What’s new in DSM 5.1-5021

  • This update includes all bug fixes as well as security fixes in the previously released critical updates since DSM 5.1-5004.

Fixed Issues in DSM 5.1-5021

  • Enhanced data security by disabling “Mount automatically on start-up” after restoring an encrypted shared folder.
  • Fixed a vulnerability that allows senders to access unintended destinations during a backup job.
  • Enhanced stability on Amazon S3 on large file backup.
  • Upgraded OpenVPN to 2.3.6 to address a security vulnerability.
  • Fixed a vulnerability that allows local users to initiate a denial of service by queuing the maximum number of file descriptors (CVE-2014-7824).
  • Upgraded PHP to 5.5.19 to address multiple vulnerabilities (CVE-2014-3669, CVE-2014-3670, CVE-2014-3668, and CVE-2014-3710).
  • Improved DTV dongle compatibility.
  • Improved file-copying stability on DS2015xs.
  • Fixed an issue where DS213+ and DS413 could power up unexpectedly when backup tasks are scheduled.
  • Minor bug fixes.

You can download DSM 5.1-5021 from the Synology Download Center or by logging into your Synology dashboard and going to: Control Panel > System > Update & Restore.

Cloud Station

In addition, Synology also released Cloud Station version 3.1-3320 as well.

What’s new in Cloud Station 3.1-3320
  • Enhanced Sync Profile management usability.
  • Enhanced QuickConnect stability.
  • Users can now launch Cloud Station from the startup menu on Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Users can now sync folders named “tmp” and “temp”.
  • Offers high resolution installer icon for Cloud Station Client on Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Updated the publisher of Cloud Station Client for Windows.
Fixed Issues in Cloud Station 3.1-3320
  • Fixed an issue where the package icon might not appear in the main menu.
  • Fixed an issue where Cloud Station for Mac might not run after logout and re-login of OS X 10.10.
  • Fixed an issue where historical files without extensions could not be downloaded.
  • Fixed an issue where Cloud Station becomes unavailable for LDAP or Windows AD users.
  • Fixed an issue where Windows XP could not shut down with Cloud Station running.
  • Minor bug fixes.

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