Fixing, This host currently has no management network redundancy

host no management network redundancy

I recently redid my VMware home lab environment and after enabling HA the warning message “This host currently has no management network redundancy” started displaying on each of my ESXi hosts.

This warning happens because in a HA cluster there is a requirement for the management network to have redundant NICs, but in my case I’m using Intel NUCs which only have a single NIC and since this is only a lab I don’t care to see the warning so lets disable it.

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VMware VCP5-DCV Delta Re-certification Exam

  • VMware


Looking to renew your VCP before the March 10th 2015 expiration date? Then the new VMware VCP5-DCV Delta (Exam Code VCP550D) is a cheaper way to renew your VCP without taking the full on exam or not just ready to tackle the VCAP. The new exam covers new material between the vSphere 5.0/5.1 and vSphere 5.5 exams – looking the the blueprints, most noticeably VSAN.

While you still have to schedule the exam through Pearson VUE, you don’t have to take the course at a testing center and instead can take it online from any device!

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Edit Virtual Hardware 10 VM’s with vSphere 5.5 U2 client

When ESXi 5.5 came out so did a new virtual hardware version, 10, as well. However the ability to edit virtual machines have have been upgraded to virtual hardware 10 was restricted to only the vSphere web client. In some cases people have put off upgrading to virtual hardware 10 either for dislike of the web client or knowing you cannot edit the VM in the event of the web client being down.

That all changes today, VMware has just released vCenter 5.5 Update 2 today and one of the “resolved issues” in today’s release notes is the ability to now edit virtual machines with Virtual Hardware 10 using the vSphere thick (C#) client.

edit virtual hardware 10

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Upgrade ESXi host to ESXi 5.5 using VMware Update Manager 5.5

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A while back I wrote about how to upgrade to ESXi 5.5 via command line which works great when you only have a few hosts as each host has to download the ISO from the web each time. This time I’ll show you step by step how to upgrade your ESXi 5.1 host to ESXi 5.5 using VMware Update Manager 5.5 (aka VUM).

For this post I’m going to assume you have already upgraded your vCenter and VUM to versions 5.5 as well as the VUM plugin installed. So lets begin!

Upgrade ESXi host to 5.5 using VMware Update Manager (VUM)

  1. Open the vSphere client and click on Update Manager
    VMware Update Manager icon

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Restore a VM using the {vm}-flat.vmdk file

  • VMware

missing vmdk file error

A couple days ago I was asked the question “An admin deleted the vmdk file associated with a VM, there are no snapshots or backups of the VM . Can we restore this VM somehow?“. I believe in backups, I like to have my VM’s backed up so that I can depend on them for events just like this very issue. At first I was stumped, until the {vm-name}.flat.vmdk was mentioned. That’s when I remembered a method to recover a VM using the vm-flat.vmdk file that I had actually done 2-3 years ago.

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